*Radish and dill-infused gin is easily made by sealing 5-6 thinly sliced radishes and 2 sprigs of fresh dill for every 500ml of gin in a mason jar. Leave for 3-4 days. Strain the radish & dill from the gin, then it’s ready to use.

The Fiesta 🎉 Michelada

For the ultimate party refreshment...

Sugar Skull 04.png


- 150ml Clamato

- 1 lime

- 1 dash Worcestershire sauce

- 2 dashes Habanero pepper sauce

- 1 bottle of beer

- 50ml Tequilla 


Rim spice blend (optional)

- 4 tablespoons salt

- 2 teaspoons chilli powder

- 1 teaspoon dried oregano

- 1 Lime


- Combine lime juice, Clamato, Worcestershire sauce, habanero pepper sauce and beer in a tall glass.

- Stir well.

- Serve with a shot of tequilla!


- Combine salt, chilli powder and oregano on a small plate.

- Pour lime juice onto another small plate.

- Dip rim of glass into lime juice, then dip carefully into spice blend.


Lime wedge

Fiesta Michelada and Tequilla.jpg